Self-diagnostic tool

What is it?

It is a diagnostic tool that ZIUR has developed to assess the cybersecurity of an organization.

Its objective is to help industrial companies in the territory to know their maturity in terms of cybersecurity and consolidate the main national and international standards, norms and best practices in cybersecurity, for information systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

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Reference regulations and qualification

The tool evaluates more than 1,000 controls based on national and international regulations such as ISO 27001, ISO27002, ISO 22301, TIA-942, PCI DSS, ENS, NIST 800/53 or IEC62443 ,and it rates 14 aspects related to security, such as protection against malware, access control, monitoring or regulatory compliance.


Knowing the level and maturity in cybersecurity of the organization allows the company:


Improve management

A diagnosis is a starting point to know the state of maturity of the company's cybersecurity.

Having a cybersecurity assessment makes it possible to optimize risk management and makes it easier to obtain cyber-risk policies.

Strengthen the image

The corporate image is essential in front of clients, administration and competition.

Knowing the level of cybersecurity is a guarantee for customers and suppliers that their data is protected in the hands of the organization.

Boost competitiveness

Proving the company's commitment to cybersecurity is a competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.

A cybersecurity rating improves your return on investment.

Reduce costs

Knowing the level of security through a single process that certifies compliance with multiple standards helps reduce company expenses.

Simplifying the evaluation process to a single security questionnaire reduces time and resources.

Access to the tool

This free web application evaluates cybersecurity based on the data collected in the questionnaire it offers.

If you are an industrial company and want to access the online tool to assess your organization's cybersecurity, click on the following button: