ZIUR is a non-profit Public Provincial Foundation, and is participated by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and the Donostia-San Sebastian City Council.

The Center is framed within the open and collaborative government model of Etorkizuna Eraikiz, initiative by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council to build the future of the territory in collaboration with the private sector, companies, universities and technological centers.

Graph: ZIUR is a foundation, 95% in the hands of the Provincial Council and 5% in those of the City Council of San Sebastián.

Governing body

ZIUR is regulated by a governing body in the form of a Patronage:



Ms. Ane Insausti Altuna And.

Provincial deputy of Economic Promotion and Strategic Projects



Mr. Unai Andueza Iraeta Jna.

General manager on matters of Economic Promotion



Mr. Koldo Peciña Txintxurreta

General manager on matters of Strategic Projects




Members of the board

Mr. Jon Aldazabal Etxeberría
General manager of Legal Regime and People Management

Mr. José Enrique Corchón Álvarez
Deputy Finances y Budgets Department

Mrs. Azahara Domínguez Urtizberea
Deputy of Mobility, Tourism and Territorial Planning Department

Mr. Jose Ignacio Asensio Bazterra
The Deputy of Dustainability Department, Mr. Jose Ignacio Asensio Bazterra, delegates his representation to Mrs. Azahara Domínguez Urtizberea

Mrs. Goizane Álvarez Irijoa
The Deputy of Culture, Cooperation, Youth and Sport Department, Mrs. Goizane Álvarez Irijoa, delegates her representation to Mrs. Azahara Domínguez Urtizberea

Mr. Jokin Perona Lerchundi
Deputy of Treasury and Finance Department

Mr. Eneko Goia Laso
Mayor of Donostia/San Sebastián