Industrial cyber security center-Gipuzkoa

ZIUR is the Gipuzkoa Advanced Industrial Cybersecurity Centre, set up with the aim of reinforcing and developing the cybersecurity capacities of industrial companies in the region, boosting the cybersecurity sector in Gipuzkoa and strengthening its competitiveness and positioning at international level.

Get ahead of the cybersecurity challenge now.



ZIUR's role as a benchmark centre consists of supporting industrial companies in the Gipuzkoa region in the area of cybersecurity, studying the peculiarities of each of them to then apply measures to prevent and identify risks and design coordinated responses in the event of an industrial cyberattack.

The ZIUR Foundation has a plan for carrying on specific activities to achieve its goals.

  1. Awareness-raising and training

    Creating awareness and developing talent in the field of cybersecurity.

  2. Dissemination of cybersecurity practices

    Applying knowledge in companies' day-to-day work.

  3. Generating knowledge

    Analysis of experiences and collaboration between players.

  4. Prevention tools

    Offering solutions to make it possible to anticipate and ensure protection.

Our mission

Staying ahead of the challenge of industrial cybersecurity is the best way to ensure a strong, competitive industrial sector.

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