What is it?

At the industrial cybersecurity Observatory of ZIUR we identify and analyze the existing threats in industrial cybersecurity as well as the tools to face them.

Our objective is to help the companies of Gipuzkoa to manage the existing risks for their activity.

To do this, we have specific equipment for the industrial cybersecurity field and external specialized sources.

Continuous surveillance

Threats, vulnerabilities and risk scenarios

We maintain a process of continuous surveillance process of threats, vulnerabilities and risk scenarios on matters of industrial cybersecurity.

We contribute to detecting, preventing and spreading evidence about threats, vulnerabilities and specific risks that affect the industry of Gipuzkoa, developing experimental projects of collaboration with the sector.

Industrial cybersecurity solutions

We deploy a continued work of technological surveillance regarding industrial cybersecurity solutions available in the market.

We collaborate with wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers of industrial cybersecurity technologies in order to have a deep knowledge of the functionalities and benefits of different solutions. Likewise, at our Laboratory we experiment with said solutions to offers an appropriate counseling to the companies.

This way, we facilitate that the industrial companies of Gipuzkoa know and understand the reach of the different existing technological measures of protection.

Analysis of the data obtained

We offer a specialized service of dissemination focused on the cybersecurity necessities of the industrial sector of Gipuzkoa. In order to do this, we carry put different analysis and studies with the objective of helping the companies face the challenges and demands of the market on matters of cybersecurity.

Differential value

Improve competitiveness

Having a Cybersecurity Observatory provides a differential competitive advantage for the industry of Gipuzkoa.

It is the reason for being of an initiative that follows a series of objectives that are of public interest.

What benefits does it bring?




Better understanding of the threats of the industrial sector

Through the activities developed from theObservatory we contribute to understanding the context of the threats that affect or will affect the industry of Gipuzkoa. We orient the work of the Observatory towards the improvement of cyberattack and threat prevention that can affect the companies of Gipuzkoa.

Generating internal knowledge

A complete vision of the risk scenarios allows us to establish new internal lines of research and create work groups in order to analyze tendencies and define new challenges.

Identifying the risk scenarios of the industrial sector

We identify the risk scenarios that companies face, with knowledge of the existing threats, the global state of cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the distinctive features of industrial networks. Our purpose is to contribute to preventing or limiting the risk of potential cyberattacks.

Access to relevant information

The Observatory will allow for companies to Gipuzkoa to access relevant and updated information about threats, vulnerabilities and specific risks that affect the industry. This way, we help to anticipate and facilitate their processes of decision-making on matters of cybersecurity.

Being a reliable source for the industrial sector of Gipuzkoa

The Observatory of Industrial Cybersecurity aspires to be a reliable source for the industry of Gipuzkoa by facilitating updated and independent information about threats and answers of cybersecurity.

Defining the strategies based on obtained evidence and identified needs

The focus of our activity is oriented towards giving a response to the real needs of the industrial activity of the territory. From that point, we deploy our strategies to the service of the industry of Gipuzkoa.


  • Operation in national and international networks
  • Technological surveillance
  • Analysis of situation and tendencies
  • Analysis and dissemination of the generated data


  • Threats
  • Technologies
  • Regulations
  • Tendencies

We work with:

  • International relations
  • Specialist sources
  • Internal experimentation
  • Collaboration with wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers