From ZIUR we offer five different services to help the industries of Gipuzkoa reinforce their abilities and develop their own strategies on matters of cybersecurity.

Routing counseling

We offer counsel for the routing of companies on matters of cybersecurity applied to the industry.

Analysis, studies and observatory

We observe and identify the threats that are relevant on matters of industrial cybersecurity that can affect the companies of Gipuzkoa. Moreover, we analyze the technological tendencies and laws, standards and good practices that are being developed in the sector.Get to know the Observatory

Experimentation projects

We test and analyze technologies of cybersecurity, as well as the level of security of products, components and systems. Get to know the Laboratory

Training workshops

We organize training workshops oriented towards reinforcing the technical abilities of the companies on matters of industrial cybersecurity.

Awareness sessions

We develop activities of awareness in collaboration of different agents of the industrial and business ecosystem of Gipuzkoa, oriented towards reinforcing the awareness and knowledge on matters of cybersecurity in our industrial fabric.