What is ZIUR?

We are the Industrial Cybersecurity Center of Gipuzkoa, a public initiative created by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council to help industrial companies reinforce their protection and that of their products or services against cyberattacks.

We live in a connected world that advances at a great speed. From ZIUR we help you go through that road of opportunities and threats with greater security.

We want to promote greater safety barriers against cyberthreats in the industrial field, to revitalize the sector of cybersecurity and to contribute to the competitiveness of the companies of our territory.

We analyze risks and needs, advise and accompany industrial companies in their cybersecurity strategies


Our vocation is being a reference center on matters of cybersecurity applied to industry. We work so that companies from Gipuzkoa can incorporate cybersecurity as a fundamental process inside their activity. And in this sense, we bring cybersecurity solutions to all the industrial companies, independent of their dimension or activity.

Moreover, we want to contribute to revitalize the sector of cybersecurity in Gipuzkoa. We work in a collaborative way with an ecosystem including companies, universities, training centers and technological centers that work to develop specialized solution and new knowledge on matters of cybersecurity.

In a borderless context for cybercrime, from ZIUR we establish relationships and alliances with the principal organizations and expert entities with the objective of sharing experiences that will allow to reinforce cybersecurity for the industry of Gipuzkoa, building the future together.

Strategic lines

One Vocation

Promoting the adoption of the Function of Cybersecurity in Industry

One Purpose

Adapting and bringing closer the offer of Cybersecurity to Industry

One Need

Becoming part of the ecosystem of Cybersecurity from specialization


Our goal is to improve the capacity of cybersecurity of the industrial companies of Gipuzkoa when it comes to integrating technology in its processes, products and services.

We are a strategic, qualified and independent ally. We help the industry of Gipuzkoa resolving doubts and preoccupations on matters of cybersecurity. We accompany the companies when it comes to identifying their cybersecurity needs and finding the most appropriate solutions.

4 targets


Promoting the generation of Knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Awareness and capacitation

Making the companies aware and capable.

Research and experimentation

Technological Surveillance, cybersecurity Observatory and Laboratory.


Providing prevention tools on matters of cybersecurity.

How do we work

At ZIUR we have a public service vocation. When an industrial company requests our support, we study its distinctive features and those of its sector. We help the company identify its real situation in order to apply the most appropriate protection measures.

Our knowledge, experience and infrastructure are at the disposal of every industry from Gipuzkoa and the agents that work in order to promote the sector of cybersecurity. In this sense, we try to bring the necessities of the companies closer to the providers of cybersecurity to identify and develop specialized solutions for the industry.

A perfect gear

We generate and share knowledge in order to improve the cybersecurity abilities of the companies

We represent our activity through an industrial process that joins the basic pieces of the ZIUR gear system with real needs of the industry from Gipuzkoa in a double direction line that allows us to generate and share specialized knowledge that the companies of the territory require.

The wheels of our gear

The Observatory

Which counts with external specialized sources and specific equipment for the industrial cybersecurity field.

The Laboratory

Which is the experimental part and functions with internal resources and technological partners.

Technological surveillance

Process that incorporates updated information about cybersecurity technology and threats.

Routing counseling

Which allows to identify the real needs of a company.

Raise awareness and train

Activities oriented towards reinforcing the industrial cybersecurity abilities of the companies and their professionals.