Industrial Cyber security Center-Gipuzkoa

ZIUR is Gipuzkoa's Industrial Cyber Security Agency which serves to strengthen and develop the cyber security capabilities of the industrial companies in our region and also to improve their competitiveness.

Industry, one of Gipuzkoa's principal economic bases, is currently implementing technology in production processes and also in the products and services it has to offer.

We must recognise the fact that increased connectivity leads to greater vulnerability and that the threat of a cyber security breach is very real. We don't have to be alarmists. This is simply a question of managing the risks that using technology brings with it. And cyber security helps manage these risks.

In light of our industry's progressive production process digitalisation it is imperative that cyber security be taken into account

Industrial companies and the cybersecurity sector

Being a public foundation, ZIUR assists industrial companies in strengthening their cyber security capabilities. We provide assistance in understanding the risks that a connected company may face. Drawing on existing knowledge bases, the measures to be taken and available resources, industrial enterprises can develop their own unique cyber security strategy.

Furthermore, the cyber security sector is a booming international sector with Gipuzkoa is also home to many cyber security companies, universities that include cyber security in their training and specialisation curricula, and technology centres with lines of work and extensive knowledge in cyber security.

Increased awareness in the industrial sector will result in the cyber security sector being able to offer its services and for these to be valued. The more companies are aware of what they need, the easier it will be to offer them services and technologies.

The Agency is part of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative to address future challenges in Gipuzkoa

The Agency is part of the open and Etorkizuna Eraikiz collaborative governance model an initiative launched by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa to identify and address the region's future challenges with specific, real and groundbreaking solutions in collaboration with the private sector, companies, universities and technology centres.

Through ZIUR, the Provincial Council, in collaboration with the San Sebastian City Council, aims to raise awareness of cyber security, create and share knowledge and help our industrial fabric to incorporate preventive measures.

What do we offer companies?

A strategic and qualified partner

Products and services are increasingly being developed on the basis of connectivity and the implementation of information technologies from the design stage.These technologies create a series of unique and specific risks that are not easy to manage without the appropriate knowledge and skills.

At ZIUR we assess the specifics of each industrial company that contacts us and their sector. We help them to identify their real situation so they can implement the most appropriate protection measures. We focus on specific risks, threats and contexts to prevent as many potential cyber security incidents as possible.

Regardless of their cyber security expertise, companies in Gipuzkoa will find a strategic and qualified partner in ZIUR.

Value Proposal

Independence and solvency

ZIUR was founded with a view towards becoming an independent and reputable benchmark company for industry related cyber security issues. An agency dedicated to the industrial cyber security prevention and protection available to all companies in Gipuzkoa.

Any queries industrial companies might have concerning cyber security related to their activity can be addressed by means of this neutral area and its team of experienced professionals.

ZIUR’s Goals

ZIUR's main goal is to improve the cyber security capacity of Gipuzkoa's Industrial companies when they choose to implement technology in their processes, products and services.


Promoting the generation of Knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Awareness and capacitation

Making the companies aware and capable.

Research and experimentation

Technological Surveillance, cybersecurity Observatory and Laboratory.


Providing prevention tools on matters of cybersecurity.