Are you worried about the cybersecurity of your company?

Report of Digital Identity in the Industrial Field

This report aims to help entities in the industrial sector to adopt the necessary measures, in the event that they decide to work on corporate digital identity.

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Report on Edge Computing architecture in the industrial sector

ZIUR includes in this report the advantages and risks associated with the implementation of Edge Computing technology, as well as other aspects to take into account in its implementation, to help them adopt the appropriate preventive measures if they want to implement this architecture.

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Industrial Cyber Security Center-Gipuzkoa

ZIUR is the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Gipuzkoa. We help industrial companies to strengthen their capabilities in cybersecurity and we contribute to the development of the sector in our territory.

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AFMrekin lankidetzan ari da garatzen eta enpresen lehiakortasuna hobetzea du helburu

ZIUR launches a project to evaluate the cybersecurity of products in the Machine Tool sector

It is developed in collaboration with AFM and aims to improve the competitiveness of companies

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ZIURek irailaren 28an Bilbon egindako ISACAren zibersegurtasun kongresuan parte hartu du. Biltzarra, Auditoretza, Zibersegurtasun eta Segurtasuneko IT adituen elkarteak eta Osane Consulting, Zerolynxek antolatu dute, Cybasqueren eta ZIURen (Gipuzkoako zibersegurtasun industrialeko zentroa) laguntzarekin.

ZIUR participates in the ISACA cybersecurity congress in Bilbao

ZIUR has participated in the ISACA cybersecurity congress held on September 28 in Bilbao, organized by the aforementioned association of experts in Auditing, Cybersecurity and IT Security, as well as Osane Consulting, Zerolynx, which have had the support of Cybasque and ZIUR , the industrial cybersecurity center of Gipuzkoa.

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ZIURek industria arloan dauden enpresentzat identitate digitala zaintzeak duen garrantziaz kontzientziatzea helburu duen industria arloko enpresa-nortasun digitalaren inguruan txostena argitaratu du.

New report on digital business identity from ZIUR

ZIUR has published a report on corporate digital identity in the industrial field, which aims to raise awareness among industrial companies about the importance of taking care of digital identity.

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