Who is the ZIUR Cybersecurity Laboratory for?

The ZIUR Laboratory can be used by companies, technology centres, education centres, vocational training centres, manufacturers and any organisations associated with Gipuzkoa's Industrial sector.

What can the Laboratory offer you?

For industrial companies

Industrial companies can use our resources to test their own products and any third party products that might be relevant. These tests can be conducted by ZIUR's team or by other collaborating agents such as specialist teams from Technology Centres and Universities or specialist companies.

For the latter, the ZIUR laboratory has specific facilities and equipment, as well as its own staff who collaborate in these testing, comparison and assessment processes.


For cybersecurity companies

The ZIUR laboratory provides two advantages for cybersecurity companies: 

On the one hand, you can offer the Laboratory's services to industrial companies which make use of this facility. In other words, you can use the Laboratory for your own processes and also integrate it into your range of services and products. 

Also, as this is a top-tier infrastructure, you can make headway in shaping your offer, thereby improving the company's standing in the industrial cybersecurity market.

For Technology Centres

As regards Technology Centres, research capacities are improved via having access to ZIUR's state-of-the-art equipment, You can now benefit from this new factor when making comparisons in the research process.

The Laboratory setup means that you will be able to complete the transfer in a space allocated to facilitate industrial company participation in the process. 

By means of the Centre's infrastructure, companies identify which problems need to the solved and the requirements in the industrial sector with regards to cybersecurity

For the academic world

The academic world, such as Universities and Vocational Training Centre, will find a hands-on learning space in the Laboratory. ZIUR facilitates access to this type of infrastructure, one that is neither easy to find nor to use.
The Laboratory provides activities that combine cybersecurity training requirements and interests while keeping in line with the Laboratory's usual activities

Shall we talk?

We are an accessible and supportive team here at ZIUR. If you would like to take part in the workshops, conduct tests or realise new projects,

please contact us to discuss your needs.