What services do we offer?

ZIUR's business consists of seven services. These services assist companies in continuously adapting to changing times and in ensuring they always have optimum cyber security, given the fact that context changes, technologies advance and we must be prepared for all these changes.

These services are provided through five types of activities: guidance; awareness-raising sessions; training workshops; experimental projects; and analysis, surveys and an observatory.


Guidance Assessment

We provide industry-related cyber security guidance for companies. 

Knowledge of technologies and good practices

We monitor both the available cyber security technology and the regulations, standards and good practices or "ways to perform" that are implemented in the sector. Discover the Observatory

Threat Identification

We monitor and identify relevant industrial cyber security threats that may affect companies in Gipuzkoa. Discover the Observatory


We test, check and analyse cyber security technologies as well as products, components and systems which require that their security levels be measured. Discover the Laboratory

Sharing knowledge

We provide information and share knowledge on industrial cyber security.

Raising awareness and providing training

We carry out awareness-raising and training activities aimed at improving industrial cyber security capabilities.


We offer a platform to interact with agents in the sector.

How do we work?

A perfect gear

If we consider ZIUR's activity as an industrial process, we would have a gear made up of 4 parts: The Observatory, with specialist external sources and specific industrial cyber security equipment; the Laboratory, which is the experimental part, which we develop using our own resources and with technological partners; the technological surveillance process, which includes technology information (amongst other things); and Guidance Assessment, which is the real knowledge regarding what a company needs.

We generate knowledge and share it so as to improve companies' cyber security capacities

At ZIUR we combine all these parts and turn the "gear" to obtain knowledge which we in turn share by means of services and activities with collaborating companies. This way, companies' cyber security capacities are increased.

This channel also works in two directions. This "gear" also allows ZIUR to generate knowledge so as to specialise its services and activities according to the situation in Gipuzkoa.

Do you want to get in touch?

You will find a dedicated and helpful team at ZIUR. Should you be interested in finding out about our cyber security guidance service, offered through the Observatory,please contact us so that we can speak with you.