Its purpose is to strengthen the industrial cyber-security capabilities of companies in Gipuzkoa

ZIUR was established to strengthen the Region's advanced manufacturing capabilities, and especially with regards to industrial cyber security, promoting the development of the technology sector and strengthening the competitiveness and international positioning of Gipuzkoa's industrial companies.



ZIUR's goals define the way forward:

To be an independent and competent benchmark for industrial companies in Gipuzkoa in terms of prevention-related cyber security.

To bring industry-related cyber-security issues closer to the industrial fabric of Gipuzkoa so as to stimulate critical thinking, using active listening.

To make resources available so as to increase the prevention and protection levels required as a result of information and operation technology integration.


To promote industrial cyber security as an added value for products and services.

To maintain a collaborative relationship with the various agents, adopting a practical approach through experimentation, observation and shared knowledge.

To continuously expand knowledge and specialisation through experimentation, training of the ZIUR team and relations with representatives.

To establish ZIUR as an international industrial cyber security benchmark.

An independent and competent benchmark to assist companies in finding answers and managing their cyber security strategy


ZIUR's activity is based on values that are rooted in the Region and are characteristic of its industrial sector:

Referential role

ZIUR focuses its activity and all its resources on developing valuable activities with international standards for industrial companies in the cyber security sector.


The areas of work and their results are disclosed to companies pursuant to the terms agreed in the process for their incorporation in the proposed structure.


The innovation perspective is present from the moment it is implemented, as well as in its activity and structures.

Efficacy: effectiveness + efficiency

The work performed by ZIUR adds value to the decisive processes carried out by companies so that said work is highly valued by them.


Addressing technological risk management can pose a major challenge if the subject matter has not been addressed sufficiently. Moreover, trust is a vital when it comes to security. Because of this, we work close with companies, making it as easy as possible to access ZIUR, guaranteeing a swift and appropriate response.


In the industrial sector, the search for and implementation of solutions is more valuable the greater their use. Accordingly, our work approach aims to ensure that ZIUR's services and activities are as useful and applicable as possible for companies.