Back ZIUR gives a cybersecurity talk to students from What The Hack

2022 / 09 / 29
Joan den irailaren 29an, ZIURek zibersegurtasun industrialari buruzko saio bat eman zien informatikako erdi-mailako eta goi-mailako 37 ikasleri. Cebanc heziketa zentroko ikasle hauek, Poloniako, Estoniako eta Herbehereetako ikasleekin batera, What The Hack proiektuan parte hartzen ari dira.

ZIUR gives a cybersecurity talk to students from What The Hack

37 intermediate and higher computer science students participated in the training day

On September 29, ZIUR gave a session on industrial cybersecurity to 37 intermediate and higher computer science students. These students from the Cebanc training center are participating, together with Polish, Estonian and Dutch students, in the What The Hack project.

As for the session, it was divided into two blocks. The first block was developed at Cebanc, where the differences between managing cybersecurity in an OT environment and an IT environment were theoretically explained, and some of the best-known attacks in industrial environments were analyzed, in addition to knowing the phases of the chain of a typical attack in an industrial environment, and analyze the case of a real hacking of a company.

The second block was developed at the ZIUR facilities, where they were physically able to see the different elements of an industrial network in the ZIUR industrial laboratory, and learn about the function of each of them.

The conference was presented by María Penilla, technical director of ZIUR, and served to complement the knowledge of the participants in the field of industrial cybersecurity, as well as giving them the opportunity to see the model located in the physical industrial laboratory of ZIUR, see the different modules and scenarios of the laboratory, and learn about the projects that the cybersecurity center is leading from there.