Back ZIUR publishes a new report on SOC-OT

2022 / 09 / 30
ZIUR Gipuzkoako Industria Zibersegurtasuneko Zentroak

ZIUR publishes a report on the SOC-OT

The objective is that industrial companies know the fundamental steps to implement a SOC-OT

The Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center, ZIUR, has published the report called "SOC in industrial OT environments", which aims to make industrial companies aware of the advantages of having a SOC focused on their sector, and the steps that an organization must follow to deploy the services and activities thereof.

The report explains what a SOC-OT is, that is, what a Security Operations Center (SOC) focused on industrial OT environments is all about, and puts the emergence of these more specialized SOCs into context. “As the connection between the IT and OT field increases, the need arises to include OT systems within the scope defined in current SOCs,” the document warns.

Likewise, this analysis aims to provide the industry with the latest strategies and recommendations in terms of security and resilience, and for this, it also includes the most common SOC models, the steps to follow to implement a SOC in the industrial sector, what type of SOC-OT services exist, and ends with a series of lessons learned and recommendations.

Regarding recommendations, it highlights the importance of each company carrying out an analysis of its needs prior to implementing SOC-OT systems, including the selection of the OT systems to include, and recommends aligning the implementation with the global strategy. It also recommends that all company departments participate in the process.