Back ZIUR and Aspegi bring cybersecurity closer to Gipuzkoa managers and businesswomen

2022 / 09 / 07
ZIURek eta Aspegi Elkarteak, emakume enpresariak eta zuzendariak sentsibilizatzera bideratutako jardunaldi bat antolatuko dute, beren negozioetan zibersegurtasunak duen eraginaz eta emakumeek esparru teknologikoetan duten zereginaz sentsibilizatzeko. Horretarako, ekitaldiak Women4CYber elkartearen laguntza izango du.

ZIUR and Aspegi bring cybersecurity closer to Gipuzkoa managers and businesswomen

On September 28, ZIUR (Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center) and Aspegi (Association of Professional Women, Entrepreneurs and Managers of Gipuzkoa) will organize a conference aimed at raising awareness among businesswomen and managers about the impact of cybersecurity on their businesses and on the role of women in technological fields. To do this, the event will have the collaboration of Women4CYber, an association created to promote and make visible the role of women in cybersecurity from a professional perspective.

Cybersecurity has become a necessity for all kinds of activities. ZIUR is working to help Gipuzkoan industry to adopt greater control measures in this area, boost the cybersecurity sector itself and ultimately contribute to the competitiveness of companies.

In this context, ZIUR and Aspegi have opened a collaboration line to help Aspegi associates to strengthen the protection of their companies against cyber attacks. This day is part of the objective of raising awareness and training businesswomen and managers on the measures to be adopted in cybersecurity, regardless of their sector of activity or the size of their businesses.

The day will feature various interventions and a round table aimed at sharing experiences and offering practical advice to implement some basic cybersecurity measures.