Back ZIUR participates in the BIEHM Women in Industry conference cycle

2022 / 06 / 14
María Penillak, ZIUReko zuzendari teknikoak, BIEMH Makina-Erremintaren Biurtekoan markatutako hitzaldietan partekatu du bere ikuspegia

ZIUR participates in the BIEHM Women in Industry conference cycle

María Penilla, Technical Director of ZIUR, has shared her vision at the conferences in the framework of the BIEMH Machine-Tool Biennial

ZIUR has participated in the series of Women in Industry conferences, held on the occasion of the BIEMH Machine-Tool Biennial. María Penilla, Technical Director of the ZIUR Industrial Cybersecurity Center, has reflected together with other professionals on the new technological challenges of the industry and the role of women in the industrial field.

In the round table they have participated together with our Technical Director, María Penilla, Amaia Ayastui, Director of Innovation and Channels of Kutxabank, Jasone Altuna, Head of the Utilities Area of ​​Ibermática, Carmen García, Executive Partner of IBM Consulting, Beatriz Altolagirre, Director Consulting and Presales in Ibermática, who has acted as moderator and Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment.

The Technical Director of the ZIUR Foundation, María Penilla, has outlined the challenges that ZIUR faces as a cybersecurity center. "The industrial sector is very traditional, and they see cybersecurity as an expense." At ZIUR "we try to convey that it is one more investment", that it has to be part of the company's digitization process and that it also provides added value to the company. In addition, cyber security is considered "a necessary evil, but it is here to stay," she added.

Regarding the challenge of attracting female talent to industrial transformation processes, María Penilla commented that there is a high level of self-criticism among women when it comes to accepting managerial positions in the STEAM world and that it is necessary to develop policies that allow women to move up to positions of responsibility. She has also expressed the need to transmit confidence to women from a very early age, because on many occasions the profession is decided in childhood, and therefore, she encourages society in general to encourage women to be part of the tecnologic world; "The responsibility belongs to everyone", she has concluded.

Along these lines, Carmen García, Executive Partner of IBM Consulting, has pointed out that "doing without female talent is a luxury that we cannot afford. In this sense, she has pointed out that female talent "can provide a diverse, richer and more encourage innovation, as well as help prevent past biases, such as discrimination or lack of inclusion, from reproducing - in algorithms and AI solutions".

To conclude, the Minister, Arantxa Tapia, expressed the need to increase the number of women who make up the management bodies of the industry, as well as "working in different areas to advance towards equality, especially in the industrial sector".