Back ZIUR participates in the Industry 4.0 Congress in Barcelona

2022 / 03 / 30
ZIUReko zuzendari teknikoak, María Penillak, Bartzelonan ospatu zen Industry 4.0 Congress biltzarrean hartu zuen parte hilaren 30ean. Bertan, hainbat aditu bildu ziren ahultasunen aurrean digitalizazio sendoa ezartzeko jardunbide egokiei buruz hitz egiteko eta, horrela, industria-planten disrupzio-arriskuak gutxitzeko.

ZIUR participates in the Industry 4.0 Congress in Barcelona

ZIUR's technical director, María Penilla, participated on the 30th in the 'Industry 4.0 Congress' held in Barcelona, where several experts met to talk about the best practices for a robust digitization implementation against vulnerabilities and thus minimize the risks of disruption of industrial plants.

In his speech, Penilla explained the methodology that ZIUR has defined to provide basic cybersecurity evaluation services to industrial products. Likewise, the technical director of the center recounted the experience and the results obtained by the companies that have made use of this methodology.

Penilla also gave an account of the current situation of Gipuzkoan industrial companies in terms of cybersecurity, relying on the experimental projects carried out by the ZIUR Observatory in the field of 'Rating', 'Deception', 'BAS' and ' Spear Phishing'. In this sense, she also explained the degree of cybersecurity maturity of industrial SMEs in the territory, as well as the most common attacks that they are currently suffering on their networks.

Within the 'Industry 4.0 Congress' of the 'Advanced Factories' fair, María Penilla participated in the conference 'Cybersecurity Standards and Implementation' together with other experts such as Manel Medina, director of the master's degree in cybersecurity at UPC-School, and Ramón Quirós , IMA Product Manager at Phoenix Contact. The talk was moderated by Josep María Peiró, president of the 'Smartcities' Working Group of the Colegi d'Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya.

The fair became the great technological event for the industrial sector in southern Europe, with an impact of 41 million euros. A total of 351 exhibiting firms presented their latest solutions and 295 experts shared industrial experiences for three days to reach new levels of productivity through automation, robotics or Artificial Intelligence. The Congress, held in Barcelona, ​​achieved a greater number of registrants than in the pre-pandemic edition.