Back ZIUR organizes a webinar on the Public Procurement of Innovation

2023 / 05 / 08
ZIURek prestakuntza-mintegi bat egin zuen maiatzaren 8an SILOrekin (Science & Innovation Link Office) batera. Bertaratutako enpresek, finantzaketa-eredu berrietan aditua den aholkularitza-enpresaren eskutik, Berrikuntzako Erosketa Publikoa (IPZ) finantzatzeko tresna berria ezagutu ahal izan zuten.

ZIUR organizes a webinar on the Public Procurement of Innovation

On May 8, ZIUR held together with SILO (Science & Innovation Link Office) a training seminar, in which the attending companies were able to learn, from the expert consultant in new financing models, the new tool to finance the Purchase Public Innovation (CPI).

The public purchase of innovation is the instrument par excellence available to the Public Administration to incorporate innovation at the service of people. In other words, it is an opportunity for companies to put their innovation at the service of public administrations or companies.

In the field of cybersecurity, the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain (INCIBE) has convened in April the largest global initiative of Pre-commercial Public Procurement (CPP) in cybersecurity. 96 million euros will be allocated to solving 7 cybersecurity challenges that range from cybersecurity in the connected vehicle to the detection of scams and fraud on mobile devices.

In this sense, the objective of the webinar was to provide the 25 participating companies and entities with the necessary tools to participate in Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) processes, as well as good practices, recommendations and relevant success stories to facilitate their participation in public tenders for Public Purchase of Innovation.

Adrián Balfagón, Director of the Public Sector at SILO, explained the characteristics and peculiarities of each of the Innovation Public Procurement (CPI) models, more specifically, Pre-commercial Public Procurement (CPP).