Back ZIUR defends the importance of prevention plans

2023 / 07 / 07
ZIURek SPRIk, Basque Cybersecurity Centrek, Segurtasuneko Profesionalen Euskal Elkarteak (SAE) eta ISEA Euskadiko Segurtasun Institutuak antolatutako Zibererasoak Euskadin: panorama, eragina eta konponbideak jardunaldian parte hartu du. Zibersegurtasuneko adituek ezagutzak eta irtenbideak partekatu zituzten, gero eta handiagoa den mehatxuari aurre egiteko.

ZIUR advocates for prevention plans in Mondragon

ZIUR has participated in the conference "Cyberattacks in the Basque Country: panorama, impact and solutions" organized by SPRI, the Basque Cybersecurity Center, the Basque Association of Security Professionals (SAE) and the Basque Security Institute ISEA, in which experts in cybersecurity shared knowledge and solutions to face the growing threat.

María Penilla, technical director of ZIUR, shared her knowledge and experience with security experts, government representatives and professionals from the business sector, both from the technological and industrial sectors, through her talk entitled "Prevention of cyberattacks".

In this sense, the cybersecurity expert placed prevention as the starting point to deal with the increase in cyberattacks. Among other things, he valued the support provided by the industrial cybersecurity center to Gipuzkoan companies in this field: "promoting awareness is one of ZIUR's main tasks, for which it maintains close collaboration with more than 800 companies", Penilla explained.

After exposing the projects of the Gipuzkoan center, focused on awareness and prevention in cybersecurity, the technical director of ZIUR added that "in the industry there is a general belief that cyber attackers do not know and do not know how our OT systems work, but they do not it is so".

The conference featured 24 presentations focused on the challenges of cybersecurity and the response that companies must offer.