Back Ziur organizes two professional orientation days for higher studies

2023 / 02 / 22
Zibersegurtasun Zentroak lanean jarraitzen du informatikako eta zibersegurtasuneko goi-mailako ikasketetako ikasleei enpresa-errealitatea hurbiltzeko

ZIUR organizes two professional orientation days for higher studies

The Cyber Security Centre continues to work on bringing business reality to students in higher studies of computer science and cybersecurity

On February 10 and 22, ZIUR welcomed students from the Master's in Cybersecurity from the University of Mondragón and from the Computer Science Cycle of the Izarraitz FP Center, with the aim of sharing the reality of industrial companies in Gipuzkoa in terms of of cybersecurity.

On the one hand, the students of the Cybersecurity Master of the University of Mondragón have been able to learn first-hand about the situation of industrial companies with regard to their level of cybersecurity, their needs in this area and the role that ZIUR plays in the industrial business fabric. Of the territory.

On the other hand, ZIUR presented the activity of the center to the students of the computer science and mechatronics cycle of the Izarraitz Vocational Training Center, and presented the wide range of job opportunities that exist in the cybersecurity environment, in order to encourage them to train in this field.

Agreement between ZIUR and Mondragón Unibertsitatea

Both entities have been promoting various joint activities since 2021 to promote Dual Training between university and company; generation of talent adjusted to the needs of the productive fabric and the improvement of the employability of the students; among other. Likewise, they work on the identification of contacts and networks and projects of interest that may be promoted by both parties or that may receive their collaboration.