Back ZIUR advises women entrepreneurs on fraud

2023 / 03 / 10
ZIURek, ASPEGIrekin batera, Gipuzkoako emakume profesional, enpresaburu eta zuzendariei zuzendutako zibersegurtasun-saio bat burutu du eta bertan hackerrek gehien erabiltzen dituzten phishing estrategiak ezagutarazi dizkie.

ZIUR advises businesswomen in Gipuzkoa on online fraud

ZIUR has held a cybersecurity session at ZIUR together with ASPEGI, in which it has informed the professional, business and managerial women of Gipuzkoa about the phishing strategies most commonly used by hackers.

The conference, which has been given in a mixed format (face-to-face and online), has been developed with the aim of helping companies in the territory to be able to defend themselves against these attacks, which are so common today. Phishing is an attack vector that will continue to be one of the most used during 2023 due to the high success rate that hackers achieve with it.

For this reason, ZIUR and ASPEGI have come together to present to the professionals of the association the phishing techniques most used by hackers. Specifically, they have been explained how to analyze emails and SMS, to differentiate a malicious message from a legitimate one, they have been shown examples of fraudulent websites, and they have been provided with resources to combat phishing.

In this sense, they have been introduced to the different free detection tools available to them to detect this type of attack, and they have been taught the importance of having continuous training programs on cybersecurity in their organization. Finally, they have been able to share experiences in this area.