Back ZIUR participates in the EuskalHack Security Talks in San Sebastian

2023 / 01 / 26
ZIURek hizlari gisa parte hartu du Donostian estreinekoz egin den EuskalHack Security Talks ekitaldian. EuskalHack, Euskadiko irabazi asmorik gabeko hacking etikoko lehen elkarteak antolatuta, hitzaldiek lurraldeko espezializaturiko teknikari eta informazioaren teknologietan aditu ugari bildu dituzte.

ZIUR participates in the EuskalHack Security Talks in San Sebastian

The conferences have revolved around industrial cyberattacks, IEC62443 standards and application containers

ZIUR has participated as a speaker in the "EuskalHack Security Talks", held for the first time in Donostia. The conference programme, organized by the first non-profit ethical hacking association in the Basque Country, EuskalHack, has brought together dozens of specialized technicians and people with knowledge of Information Technology (IT) in the territory.

The 3rd edition of EuskalHack Security Talks, has had the participation of various experts from the EuskalHack Association, as well as the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity of Gipuzkoa, ZIUR, the industrial cybersecurity services company Titanium Industrial Security and the University of Mondragón, who They have exposed various current issues related to the cybersecurity and information technology sector from a technical perspective.

Likewise, the conference program developed at the Olarain Residence Hall, has had the participation of Iker Izaguirre, Cybersecurity Technician of the ZIUR center, who has shown the area of attack directed at Gipuzkoan industrial companies, and the conclusions of the Deception project. For his part, Álvaro Rivas, ICS Security Architect of Titanium Industrial Security, has presented a security diagnosis in an industrial plant based on the ISA/IEC-62443 standards. In addition, Iñaki Garitano, researcher and professor at the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Mondragón, spoke about the pros and cons of using application containers in terms of security.