Back ZIUR presents IT managers with tools to manage and protect assets

2024 / 03 / 21
ZIURek, Iraurgi Berritzen Urola Erdiko garapen agentziarekin batera,

ZIUR presents IT managers with tools to manage and protect assets

On March 21, ZIUR held, together with Urola Erdia's development agency, Iraurgi Berritzen, the work session “Management and protection of our assets: existing tools and technologies” at the Basazabal Palace in Azpeitia.

The workshop aimed at IT managers of industrial companies, had the participation of 13 experts from the Urola Kosta region belonging to the usual work group of these 'Technological Breakfasts'.

Led by Iñaki Torrecilla, ICS security architect at ZIUR, different technologies that exist on the market for asset management in OT environments were presented, as well as tools for identifying vulnerabilities and pentesting, and for mobile devices management.

For her part, María Penilla, general director of the Foundation, presented a new project from the industrial cybersecurity center for the prevention of phishing in companies.

The day closed with a colloquium to share experiences between participating companies, as well as knowledge, projects and good practices in this field.

The session held was the second of the plan defined for the 2023-24 period. The next work session, which will take place in May or June, will be held under the title "Cybersecurity in the Office 365 context: Services and technologies."