Back ZIUR introduces cybersecurity students to forensic analysis

2024 / 04 / 15
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ZIUR introduces cybersecurity students to forensic analysis

On April 15, ZIUR gave a training session on industrial cybersecurity to the students of the Cybersecurity specialty of the Easo Politeknikoa FP center, with the aim of introducing them to forensic analysis in Industrial control systems (ICS) and, in turn, offer them the necessary training to meet the personnel demands of companies that are looking for a profile with knowledge of robotics and industrial cybersecurity.

Carrying out a forensic analysis in an industrial environment is not an easy task, since this investigative work on cyber incidents has the objective of identifying what happened, where the incident entered the company, where it came from, what objective it had. and assess the damage caused, and is usually complicated by the type of environment in which it takes place - OT environments are usually quite critical and proprietary - and by the characteristics of each industrial plant.

In this sense, the Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center offered FP students an introduction to Industrial Control Systems and OT devices, as well as a summary of the main threats to ICS, a presentation of the Purdue model in Security Architecture Industrial Control Systems Network, a review of the measures to be implemented to secure an ICS network and the different stages of a cyber attack.

The session ended with a practical dynamic in the ZIUR industrial cybersecurity laboratory, since this collaboration initiated between ZIUR and EASO Politeknikoa in 2023 seeks to enable students to immerse themselves in an immersive experience in which to deepen their knowledge of cybersecurity in a way practice.