Back ZIUR provides its vision on the challenges posed by AI along with new regulations

2024 / 06 / 04
ZIURek Gipuzkoako Bazkundeak eta Spri Taldeko Enpresa Digitalak antolatutako Zibersegurtasuna enpresen eremuan jardunaldian parte hartu zuen ekainaren 4an. Miramongo Parke Teknologikoan egindako topaketa Gipuzkoako Bazkundeak antolaturiko Gipuzkoa TIC jardunaldien zikloaren barruan kokatzen da, eta hainbat adituen eskutik zibersegurtasunaren arloko kasu arrakastatsuak eskaini zizkien enpresei.

ZIUR provides its vision on the challenges posed by AI along with new regulations

On June 4, ZIUR participated in the "Cybersecurity in the business environment" conference organized by the Chamber of Gipuzkoa and Enpresa digitala of the Spri Group. The conference, held in Miramon and framed in the "Gipuzkoa TIC" conference cycle of the Gipuzkoa Chamber, offered Gipuzkoa companies success stories in the field of cybersecurity from the hand of people who are experts in technologies applied to the subject.

In today's digital age, where information is one of the most valuable assets and companies increasingly depend on technology to carry out their operations, cybersecurity has become of vital importance.

In this sense, María Penilla, general director of ZIUR, contributed her vision on industrial cybersecurity in a conference that included the participation of sector experts from entities such as Grupo Spri, Cámara de Gipuzkoa, Tecnalia, Orbik, Kuik Digital Solutions, Secure&IT LKS and Seinalea.

The ZIUR expert highlighted the role that she plays in the industrial cybersecurity center of Gipuzkoa in the security of industrial companies and addressed the level of cybersecurity maturity in which these companies find themselves.

Likewise, after offering data on the current cybersecurity panorama in the Basque Country, he discussed aspects such as resilience and talent, and reviewed the main challenges that industrial companies will face in the short term, among which he highlighted those related to the emergence of new technologies such as AI, and the entry of new European cybersecurity regulations.