Back ZIUR prepares Urola Kosta SMEs for a cyber incident

2023 / 03 / 22
 Martxoaren 22an, ZIURek, Urola Kostako Mankomunitatearekin batera, zibersegurtasuneko webinar bat eman zuen, ETEei informatika-intzidentzia bat nola kudeatu irakasteko.

ZIUR prepares Urola Kosta SMEs for a cyber incident

ZIUR has held together with the Urola Kosta Commonwealth, a cybersecurity webinar aimed at SMEs in the region. The first of a three-day program dealt with how to properly manage a computer incident in the company.

Likewise, the general objective of the conference was to make companies in Zarautz and its surroundings aware of the need to protect computer systems, and make them aware of the importance of establishing guidelines and protocols to deal with cyberattacks, as well as the effectiveness of carry out cyber-incident drills. The consequences of an attack on an insufficiently protected system can be devastating, from the interruption of the production chain, to the loss of company data, which can translate into countless losses of money.

For this reason, ZIUR detailed the phases to follow and the actions to be carried out in each phase in order to provide an effective response to an incident, as well as the guidelines for creating a cybercrisis management committee, for the SMEs that participated in the conference, such as , what professional profiles are necessary in the company to train it. Lastly, it provided entities with instructions on how to start preparing a response plan for computer incidents, and what sections it should include.

Finally, the participating people had the opportunity to carry out a debate and an exchange of experiences on the above.