Back The SMEs of Urola Garaia, willing to combat phishing

2024 / 05 / 22
ZIURek, UGGASA agentziarekin batera, Nola aurre egin phishing-ari nire enpresan. Sentsibilizaziorako eta prebentzio-neurrietarako estrategiak eta gomendioak izeneko saioa egin zuen maiatzaren 22an, Urretxuko Sortzen Gunean.

The SMEs of Urola Garaia, willing to combat phishing

On May 22, ZIUR held, together with the Urola Garaia development agency UGGASA, the session How to combat phishing in my company. Strategies and recommendations for awareness-raising and prevention measures in the Sortzen Space in Urretxu. The workshop, the second of the training cycle designed between both entities for SMEs in the region, revolved around one of the most common cyber threats: identity theft or phishing attacks.

In this sense, ZIUR offered a dozen companies a series of strategies, recommendations and tools in the field of phishing to raise awareness about its risks and help them identify and prevent this type of cyber threats, as well as minimize the impact on their organizations in the in the event of a security breach.

To this end, the experts from the Guipuzcoan industrial cybersecurity center Iker Izaguirre and Iñaki Torrecilla presented the most common modalities and attacks of identity theft, announced prevention measures and discussed legal responsibilities, among other aspects.

Likewise, they presented the ZIUR experimental project 'Spear Phishing', which aims to raise awareness among companies and their professional teams of the importance of carrying out good cybersecurity practices in their work environments and identifying the most frequent threats.

Finally, the center presented them with the 2 lines of aid from the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council related to cybersecurity, which includes subsidies for the implementation of cybersecurity in Gipuzkoa companies and for the development of security evaluation projects for industrial products. The latter can be requested until June 3, 2024, and the first until September 16, 2024.

The next session will be held on June 19 under the title 'Recommendations to be efficient when responding to cyber-incidents', and will be the last of a total of 3, designed to provide Urola Garaia companies with practical knowledge and essential tools to maintain your data secure.