Back Ziur celebrates technological breakfasts in collaboration with Iraurgi Berritzen

2022 / 02 / 24
Ekitaldiak zibersegurtasuneko joerak ezagutarazteko balio izan zuen

Cybersecurity round tables with Gipuzkoan companies

The "Technological Breakfasts" organized together with Iraurgi Berritzen, analyzed various trends in cybersecurity among companies in the region. Specifically, OT network segmentation and phishing were addressed.

The ZIUR Industrial Cybersecurity Center organized in January and February with the collaboration of Iraurgi Berritzen, the Development and Innovation Agency of Urola Erdia, the Technological Breakfasts. These events served to publicize cybersecurity trends for companies, share practices in the segmentation of OT networks in the industrial sector, and talk about typical phishing attacks, as well as the legal responsibilities and prevention measures in the face of this type of incident.

In addition, the "Spear Phishing" project that ZIUR has launched with the aim of making business users aware of "Phishing" attacks was also presented at the breakfasts in February. Currently, 4 agents from the region are participating in the project and were able to share their experiences in the work session.

At the end of these breakfasts, the ICT managers of the 13 attending organizations from the region participated in a round table where they shared their experiences on cybersecurity.