Back ZIUR trains students of the SEIM Cybersecurity Master's Degree

2024 / 04 / 23
ZIURek zibersegurtasun industrialaren arloko ezagutzak irakasteko helburuarekin  SEIM informatika ikastetxean Zibersegurtasunean aditua master pribatua ikasten ari diren 15 ikasle hartu zituen bere instalazioetan apirilaren 23an.

ZIUR trains students of the SEIM Cybersecurity Master's Degree

On April 23, ZIUR welcomed 15 students from the 'Private Cybersecurity Expert Master's Degree' from the SEIM computer science study center to its facilities, to impart knowledge on industrial cybersecurity.

In this sense, the general director of ZIUR, María Penilla, and the ZIUR cybersecurity experts Iñaki Torrecilla and Iker Izaguirre, gave a training session on industrial security architectures, industrial cybersecurity regulations and standards and their application to the protection of infrastructures. reviews, protection against attacks on Modbus, DNP3 and OPC protocols, and presented new emerging technologies and trends.

At the same time, ZIUR experts have made the students aware of the center's activity. In this sense, they have valued the awareness-raising and training activities that the center offers to companies and agents in the ecosystem, which include vocational training and high school centers, as well as the postgraduate and university Master's degrees in which it collaborates. In the case of SEIM, ZIUR has also provided training to students of the Higher Degree in Network Information Systems Administration (ASIR) in previous years.

In that sense, the practical work day focused on trying to guide companies on these types of problems and present the benefits of adopting secure privileged access tools. To this end, several common use cases were implemented in these types of environments, and the most technical aspects were delved into when implementing these types of solutions.