Back ZIUR provides companies with the cybersecurity requirements to be met by sectors and countries

2023 / 03 / 29
 ZIURek Liburu Zuri bat egin du, Gipuzkoako industriak jarduten duen herrialdeetan aplikatu beharreko zibersegurtasuneko araudi eta estandarrak biltzen dituena.

ZIUR provides companies with the cybersecurity requirements to be met by sectors and countries

The cybersecurity center has prepared a White Paper that includes the set of cybersecurity regulations and standards applicable in the different countries where the Gipuzkoan industry operates. To do this, ZIUR has launched, through its website, a tool that aims to be a living catalog of the cybersecurity requirements that companies must comply by sector and by country.

Organizations in the industrial sector and, specifically, companies that are part of the supply chain of large manufacturers are in the crosshairs of cyber attackers. In fact, various analyzes predict that the number of attacks directed at the processes that make up the supply chain of large companies will multiply in the next two years. “For this reason, says the general director of ZIUR, Koldo Peciña, many providers are being required to implement new cybersecurity standards. In many sectors, a greater degree of maturity in the cybersecurity of the supplier companies is beginning to be a determining factor of competitiveness”.

Gipuzkoan industries from different sectors are facing in recent months the need to meet new demands in this area by large manufacturers for which they develop products or services. Faced with this situation, ZIUR has developed a consultation tool, updated continuously, so that companies can find out about the different regulations that they must comply with.

To build this tool, an identification of all the industrial sectors of Gipuzkoa has been carried out through the CNAE codes and the countries of scope have been selected considering the headquarters of the different industrial organizations of Gipuzkoa, as well as the countries in which they are located. your potential customers. Once the cybersecurity norms and standards have been identified, each of them has been examined to determine their applicability in the industrial sectors. The search can be carried out easily by country or by sector.

The relevance of cybersecurity in companies in the industrial sector and the use of technological devices to support different processes are increasing. The supply chain that involves the product, from purchase and manufacturing to final delivery to the customer, has a great influence on the new industry, since the high level of interaction between the different organizations involved in a production process generates an increase in the area of exposed attack. This situation is taken advantage of by cybercriminals and has caused an increase in attacks directed at the supply chain of different companies in recent months.