Back ZIUR participates in the first edition of ISMS Forum Euskadi

2023 / 06 / 15
ZIURek, CISOak kezkatzen dituzten funtsezko gaiak mahai gainean jarri dituen ISMS Forum Euskadi zibersegurtasuneko foroaren lehen edizioan parte hartu du.

ZIUR participates in the first edition of ISMS Forum Euskadi

ZIUR, the Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center, has participated in the first edition of the cybersecurity forum "ISMS Forum Euskadi" in order to bring to the table key issues that concern CISOs.

The Spanish Association for the Promotion of Information Security, ISMS Forum, promotes the development, knowledge and culture of Information Security in Spain. It is the largest active network of organizations and experts committed to Information Security in Spain, which has more than 250 companies and more than 1,250 associated professionals.

María Penilla, technical director of ZIUR, opened the conference with her presentation, offering a broad vision of the level of maturity of industrial companies in the Basque Country, a vision acquired thanks to the projects that the center develops in its cybersecurity observatory, among which It is worth highlighting the BAS, Deception, and Spear Phishing projects, among others.

The ZIUR expert also presented the latest developments in the field of industrial cybersecurity certifications, particularly those focused on the supply chain. Likewise, she ended her presentation by sharing some forecasts on the regulatory landscape.

Among the specific objectives of the session organized by the Basque regional chapter of the ISMS Forum association, were the analysis and debate around cybersecurity as a key axis for the industrial development of the region; cybersecurity management in mixed IT/OT environments; the identification of new threats and security management before the implementation of tools based on Artificial Intelligence; or the new regulatory requirements regarding the supply chain and the management of third parties.