Back Featured presence of ZIUR at the 5th International Congress of CIOs held in Galicia

2023 / 11 / 08
ZIUR Fundazioak APDk antolatutako CIOen 5. Nazioarteko Biltzarrean zilarrezko babesle gisa parte hartu du. Bi jardunaldi eduki dituen hitzorduak 800 profesional inguru elkartu ditu Santiagon, 60 adituren ikuspuntua ezagutzeko, horien artean María Penilla, ZIUReko zuzendari teknikoarena.

Featured presence of ZIUR at the 5th International Congress of CIOs held in Galicia

The Gipuzkoa center has participated in the industrial cybersecurity round table

ZIUR has participated in the massive 5th International Congress of CIOs, organized by APD, in which it has collaborated as a silver sponsor. Around 800 professionals have come to Santiago de Compostela for 2 days to learn the vision of 60 top-level experts, among whom were María Penilla, the technical director of ZIUR.

The ZIUR expert moderated the industrial cybersecurity round table, which she discussed about European cybersecurity regulations. Under the name “Opportunities and challenges in the face of the new EU cybersecurity regulations”. In this colloquium, María Penilla from ZIUR, Salva Trujillo from ORBIK, Adrián Portela and Armando Teijeiro from GKN Automotive, and Mª Amor Domínguez from TüvIT Nord Group have given their vision as references in matters of cybersecurity.

In this sense, the technical director of ZIUR has stated that “today there is no company that can afford not to include cybersecurity as a critical point in its management plan; but in the specific case of the advanced manufacturing and machine tool sector, the issue takes on special importance.”

The table closed with the reflection that the industrial sector must keep cybersecurity in mind, because they sell trust to their customers through high-tech products. And even more so if we take into account that, at the European level, new cybersecurity regulations are being developed that also require and control these manufacturers to implement cybersecurity measures, in some cases very demanding, in their products and processes.