Back ''Internet security evolves, but so do the risks''

2022 / 02 / 08

"Internet security evolves, but so do the risks"

The Industrial Cybersecurity Center of Gipuzkoa, Ziur, intervenes in Onda Cero and RTVE to give the keys on how to avoid attacks and how to manage computer threats on the '"Safe Internet Day".

Koldo Peciña, CEO of Ziur, spoke on Onda Cero and RTVE to talk about the importance of cybersecurity awareness on the 'Secure Internet Day', which was held on February 8. From Ziur, this awareness-raising work is carried out in the industrial companies of the territory and it also wants to work in ikastolas and institutes to advance in this matter.

“Now it is not that we are safer, maybe even the opposite, because security evolves on the Internet, but the risks and types of attacks do too,” Peciña assured on the Onda Cero program ‘Más de Uno Gipuzkoa’.

Likewise, a team from RTVE traveled to the Ziur headquarters, in Zuatzu, in Donostia, to see the center's Observatory, from where the world traffic of possible computer attacks is identified in real time. In this case, Peciña explained that identity theft and information hijacking are the main threats faced by Gipuzkoan industrial companies.

For Ziur, training and raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity is a fundamental tool. The center also showed its laboratory on RTVE, which has a model of an industrial plant where viruses in circulation are simulated and, in this way, organizations are taught the consequences that the stoppage of production due to a computer attack. "We show them how, with the technology on the market, they could be able to detect attacks and stop them in time," María Penilla, Ziur's technical director, explained in this interview.