Back ZIUR at HPE GreenLake Day 2024 Bilbao

2024 / 04 / 17
ZIURek Hewlett Packard Enterprisek apirilaren 17an San Mames estadioan antolatu zuen HPE GreenLake Day Bilbo 2024an parte harte zuen. Topaketak, berrikuntza teknologikoak izan zituen hizpide, besteak beste,  zibersegurtasuna, sareak, Intelligent Edge-a, hodei hibridoa edota Adimen Artifiziala.

ZIUR at HPE GreenLake Day 2024 Bilbao

On April 17, ZIUR participated in HPE GreenLake Day 2024 Bilbao, a day organized by Hewlett Packard Enterprise on technological developments such as cybersecurity, networks, Intelligent Edge, hybrid cloud and Artificial Intelligence, which took place at the San Mamés stadium.

The day included interactive sessions, practical demos and inspiring debates with the aim of sharing experiences and different visions about new technologies among the attendees.

In this sense, María Penilla, general director of ZIUR, participated in the event together with Iñaki Eguia, Global OT/IIoT Security Architect and SME of HPE, to highlight the role that ZIUR plays in the industrial fabric of Gipuzkoa, as well as to present the results of 3 outstanding ZIUR projects, Deception, BAS and Spear Phishing, and share the state of cybersecurity maturity of the Guipuzcoan industry, among other aspects.

After presentations by industry experts on how to safely connect the Intelligent Edge, best practices for implementing Artificial Intelligence and hybrid cloud models, the session ended with a networking space, with the aim of connecting with professionals in the sector and exchanging ideas.