Back ZIUR attends the international conference CyberSecurity Act in Brussels

2022 / 05 / 24
ZIUR Bruselara joan da nazioarteko CyberSecurity Act konferentziara

ZIUR at the EU Cybersecurity Act conference in Brussels

The director of the center, Koldo Peciña, and the technical director, María Penilla, had the opportunity to learn about the existing experiences within the European Union in relation to product certification initiatives in different sectors, something that will have a direct impact in the industry.

The director of ZIUR, Koldo Peciña, and the center's technical director, María Penilla, attended the international conference 'CyberSecurity Act', held in Brussels at the end of May. During the event, these two experts were able to learn about everything related to product certification initiatives in different sectors, within the framework of the experiences that currently exist in the European Union.

This international conference on EU Cybersecurity Law was intended to help the standards community prepare for the evolution of risk-based frameworks aimed at addressing market fragmentation. This law, now in the development stage, "will eventually create an independent European body" with a "broad scope for the regulation of cybersecurity as part of the objective of the single digital market", according to those responsible for the event.

In this sense, the organizers of the conference assure that this regulatory mandate will have "a far-reaching effect on the international standards community", so "now is the time to start planning and participating in the ongoing changes".

Among the many topics that the director and the technical director of ZIUR in Brussels were able to immerse themselves in, they highlighted the alignment of the industry and its strategies, IoT environments, standards for success, public policies, the perspectives and opportunities of the sector and the various innovations.