ZIUR analyzes the scope of the EU Cyber Resilience Act regulation

2023 / 04 / 24
ZIURek Europako EU Cyber Resilience Act araudiaren proposamenaren inguruan txosten bat argitaratu du, Europar Batasuneko Ziberresilientzia Legearen inguruan alegia. Araudi honen helburua kontsumitzaileak, partikularrak zein enpresak, produktu digital ez-seguruen aurrean babestea da.

ZIUR analyzes the scope of the EU Cyber Resilience Act regulation

ZIUR has published a report on the proposal for the European regulation EU Cyber Resilience Act, the Cyber Resilience Law of the European Union, which aims to protect consumers, both individuals and companies, against unsafe digital products.

In the document, the cybersecurity center carries out an analysis of the changes that its entry into force will bring about in the industrial sector, taking into account the situation in which society finds itself in the face of the advance of digitalization, the current situation of companies in terms of the maturity of its cybersecurity, the regulatory context and the scope of said law.

In this sense, ZIUR indicates that the future law will homogenize cybersecurity standards at the European level and will reinforce the security of products that include digital elements, through the definition of a coherent framework, which incorporates the security requirements necessary for the design , development and manufacture of secure digital products.

Likewise, the European Cyber Resilience Law will establish a more transparent flow of information on the security of hardware or software, from which both consumers and manufacturers will benefit, since manufacturers will also act as consumers of digital components.