Back Cybersecurity training for SMEs from Urola Garaia

2024 / 04 / 17
ZIURek, UGGASA Urola Garaiko garapen agentziarekin batera, Enpresa txiki eta ertainentzako zibersegurtasuneko jardunbide egokien dekalogo saioa egin zuen Urretxuko Sortzen espazioan apirilaren 17an. Eskualdeko hamar bat profesionalek parte hartu zuten tailerrean, eta bertan beraien enpresen aktibo digitalak babesteko aholku praktikoak jaso zituzten.

Cybersecurity training for SMEs from Urola Garaia

On April 17, ZIUR held, together with the Urola Garaia development agency UGGASA, the session “Decalogue of Good Practices in Cybersecurity for SMEs” at the Sortzen Space in Urretxu. The workshop, aimed at SMEs, was attended by a dozen professionals from the region, who received practical advice to protect their companies' digital assets.

Digital threats are constantly evolving and companies must be prepared to protect their data, systems and reputation. Therefore, it is advisable to make companies and their professional teams aware of the importance of carrying out good cybersecurity practices in their work environments, as well as identifying the most frequent threats.

In this sense, Iñaki Torrecilla, ICS security architect at ZIUR, and Iker Izaguirre, cybersecurity technician at ZIUR, offered the attendees effective strategies that will facilitate, among other things, effective password management and an adequate prevention strategy. of cyber attacks, with which the security of these organizations will be reinforced.

Likewise, they discussed aspects such as the need to have a back-up system and a firewall, measures to take into account to guarantee a secure remote connection when teleworking, the importance of segmenting IT and OT networks, how to carry out effective management of passwords and how to use devices responsibly, as well as measures to avoid phishing and how to properly manage remote access from suppliers, among others.

This was the first session of a total of 3 sessions, designed to provide Urola Garaia businesses with practical knowledge and essential tools to keep their data secure. The next session will be held on May 22 under the title 'How to combat phishing in my company', the most common attack in this type of organization, and the last one on June 19, under the title 'Recommendations to be efficient in responding to cyber-incidents'.