Industrial cybersecurity reports and studies

At ZIUR Fundazioa we offer cybersecurity dissemination services for the industrial sector of Gipuzkoa. We collect the results of the analyzes and studies carried out in these reports that we make available to you. Download them and take firm steps to control cybersecurity in your company.

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Cybersecurity rating project report

"The BitSight tool has been used for the project, which offers actionable security rankings, cyber risk quantification, cyber risk metrics and security benchmarks."

María Penilla

CTO of ZIUR Industrial Cyber Security Center

The following report collects anonymously the results and conclusions obtained from an experimental project, in which the cybersecurity rating, based on public sources, of organizations from different verticals of the industrial sector, has been observed and analyzed, in which they have 40 companies from the Territory participated.

The objective of this rating experiment has been to evaluate the cybersecurity posture of the participating companies, observing all their public sources, as "the world sees them", in order to improve their security index, and, consequently, their maturity in cybersecurity, based on the conclusions obtained from the results, and that companies that have not been able to participate in the project can also benefit from the general recommendations.

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