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At ZIUR Fundazioa we offer cybersecurity dissemination services for the industrial sector of Gipuzkoa. We collect the results of the analyzes and studies carried out in these reports that we make available to you. Download them and take firm steps to control cybersecurity in your company.

Back Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 1Q 2023

Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 1Q 2023

"The entities of the sector and their leaders must become aware that cybersecurity must be a key and transversal element to the entire organization chart of any company or organization"

ZIUR Industrial Cyber Security Center

Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 1Q 2023

The purpose of this report is to help entities in the industrial sector adopt the appropriate preventive measures or prepare the relevant action protocols, in the event that they need to carry out mitigation or containment tasks if they are affected by a cyber attack.

Industry is a strategic sector of the socioeconomic activity of any nation due to its involvement in the generation of employment and wealth, in the production of goods and services, and, in general terms, in the proper functioning and development of its business and social fabric. Therefore, protecting industrial infrastructure is essential to guarantee the stability of a country.

The benefits of digitization and connectivity are enormous, but at the same time, they have increased the exposure area of companies to cyberattacks. The consequences of a cyberattack can range from the kidnapping of data to demand a ransom, the theft of IPR (intellectual property), the stoppage of machines or their malfunctioning, to a modification of predetermined values (setpoints) that makes the manufactured product does not come out with the expected quality or that wrong decisions are made due to the manipulation of data. Its consequences can be economic, but it can cause environmental damage or even cause injuries of different degrees to people, in addition to projecting a bad image of the company.

This analysis aims to address the current state of cybersecurity in the industrial sector, carrying out an analysis of the main challenges and threats that its entities have to face.

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