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2023 / 07 / 20
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New cyber intelligence report

The latest cyber intelligence report just published by ZIUR compiles the cyber threats registered in the industrial sector during the first quarter of the year. The objective is to help Gipuzkoan entities in the industrial sector that are in the process of adopting protection measures to deal with different risks.

The report reflects a panorama similar to that of previous months, maintaining the activity and the validity of the strategies that had been registered up to now.

The invasion of Ukraine has defined the threat landscape of 2023, consolidating espionage, data theft, alteration of the proper functioning of government entities or even critical infrastructures and strategic industrial organizations.

In relation to this last point, ZIUR analyzes the industrial ecosystem by reviewing the most relevant incidents registered during the first quarter of the year at the local and state level, as well as a contextualization of the cyberattack map. In addition, it summarizes the types of threats to take into account, the threat actors with the highest activity and various recommendations.