Back We attended a round table with PwC

2019 / 12 / 03

Having been invited by the Price Waterhouse Coopers consultancy firm, we addressed Basque industry cyber security and relevant requirements and opportunities to deal with the present threat environment.

There were 4 speakers on the working panel, including ZIUR's Technical Manager David Imízcoz, who analysed Basque Country cyber security trends, the state of the art, skills and talent and we presented a panel to analyse industrial sector cyber security challenges.

During the subsequent round table, important contributions were made by the attendees, who placed emphasis on the need for and importance of these activities to strengthen corporate cyber security strategies.

David presented the "Industrial Sector Cyber security Challenges" document, a review that presents the present reality of companies in the region as well as outstanding tasks which must yet be performed in order to incorporate cyber security as a critical process for all Basque industrial companies. An important message was that "a little can go a long way", that with a handful of effectively implemented cyber security measures, companies' exposure and threats
can be significantly reduced.