Back Training days to improve the training of students in new technologies

2023 / 02 / 08
ZIURek informazio digitala gehiegi partekatzeak dakartzan arriskuez kontzientziatzeko DBHko ikasleei zuzendutako bi jardunaldi antolatu ditu otsailean

Training days to improve the training of students in new technologies

ZIUR has organized two conferences in February for ESO students, with the aim of raising awareness about the risks derived from the excessive exchange of digital information

ZIUR continues to work to raise awareness and train students in cybersecurity. On February 7 and 8, it welcomed 1st ESO students from the Ekitza school in San Sebastian, with the aim of promoting awareness of cybersecurity from basic education. Likewise, he shared important security measures, applicable by adolescent students, in relation to the risks derived from the use of the Internet and social networks.

On both days, Iker Izaguirre, ZIUR Cybersecurity Technician, exposed several real situations of cyberbullying and the dissemination of intimate images of third parties without their consent, as well as the risks and consequences of these practices, and shared guidelines to deal with both crimes . Likewise, he spoke to them about the risks of supporting viral challenges, raised awareness about the digital footprint, and introduced protection tools against phishing-type cyberattacks, which are increasingly common. Finally, there was a visit to the cybersecurity lab to show them what it is like to work in a cybersecurity center.

Accompany the little ones in the use of the mobile

On February 7, on the occasion of Safe Internet Day 2023, Koldo Peciña, Director of ZIUR, spoke on the Onda Cero program Más de Uno Gipuzkoa, about the little ones and the use of mobile phones. In his opinion, "cybersecurity should be addressed from educational centers and ikastolas, especially in relation to the use of social networks and the Internet connection." Likewise, Peciña has stressed that "it is necessary to train them on how to use social networks, what risks exist, what data should be shared and what data should not be shared, and how they should be communicated."