Back WORKSHOP: Asset discovery in OT environmets

2020 / 02 / 27

We took another important step on 27 February towards strengthening cyber security in Gipuzkoa companies, by organising the "Asset Discovery in OT Environments" training workshop, which was held at our facilities for the first time.

This workshop, presented by Rubén Javier Pérez Colmenar of ZIUR, was attended by professionals such as María Penilla (EX Networks), Iván Pedraza (WestconGroup España), Iñaki Mera (INGECOM) and Maria Taberna (OYLO Trust Engineering).

These professionals showcased different technologies that facilitate the discovery and management of assets deployed on an industrial network (OT) with connectivity to the traditional network (IT) to expose the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each of the corporate ecosystem proposals.

Approximately twenty people attended the "Asset Discovery in OT Environments" workshop, in representation of 11 companies operating in the region's business sector, all of who expressed a very positive opinion of the contents of the workshop.


A summary of the conclusions submitted by the Technical Manager of ZIUR Fundazioa as a result of the workshop David Imizcoz are attached.

  1. When approaching a project of this type, the industrial protocols used for the various technologies we have at our plants do not matter.
  2. When manufacturers and integrators set us a goal, scope and time frame, we must take into account the possibility of a significant delay, as the inventory could reveal unexpected issues.
  3. Accordingly, we must foresee the fact that the inventory may conceal certain assets.
  4. We do not recommend using these techniques unless you have extensive knowledge and experience of the infrastructure.
  5. There are no templates or guidelines for perfect segmentation.
  6. Performing monitoring actions and tasks may be pointless if there is no strategy in place to define what is being monitored.
  7. Asset discovery techniques must be perceived as clearly adding value to the business.
  8. Design your own OT flaw discovery and management model
  9. Technology cannot replace industrial processes.