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2022 / 05 / 12
Tailer berria Azpeitian Iraurgi Berritzen-ekin batera

New workshop with Iraurgi Berritzen in Azpeitia

Held on May 12, it focused on response protocols for cyber incidents

On May 12, the Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center, ZIUR, held a workshop together with Iraurgi Berritzen where the strategies and recommendations for the internal definition in companies of a response protocol for cyber incidents were presented. This session, framed within the 'Technological Breakfasts', took place in Azpeitia.

Precisely, one of the objectives of ZIUR is to help improve industrial cybersecurity in Gipuzkoa and, to this end, it offers workshops to companies so that they can advance in this area. On this occasion, the session organized in Azpeitia was entitled 'Key aspects to provide an effective response to incidents and legal responsibility' and was aimed at representatives of companies in the region such as managers, ICT directors or production directors.

During this workshop, held at the Palacio Basazabal, the experience of the companies in the region in the ZIUR BAS (Breach and Attack Simulations) project was also shared.