Back ZIUR gives the Spear Phishing workshop to Urola Kosta's IT managers

2023 / 12 / 15
ZIURek Spear Phishing tailerra eman die Urola Kostako IT arduradunei

ZIUR gives the Spear Phishing workshop to Urola Kosta's IT managers

The main objective has been to raise awareness among users about the most common cyber attack in the industrial sector

On December 15, ZIUR held together with Iraurgi Berritzen at the Basazabal Palace in Azpeitia the session “User awareness: How to confront Spear Phishing in the company”. The workshop aimed at IT managers of industrial companies had the participation of a dozen experts from the Urola Kosta region.

With the help of the ZIUR cybersecurity expert, María Penilla, the current risks of Phishing and the key aspects for its prevention, typology and attack strategies, as well as the scope, existing risks and internal strategies of this engineering attack were presented. social.

In this sense, ZIUR carried out training and practice that consisted of simulating a phishing campaign through a free tool, with the aim of using it as internal training in companies and sharing experiences between participating organizations and promoting awareness among users. users.

The day is part of several work sessions, with which, in addition to publicizing possible technological trends in cybersecurity, the aim is to share the knowledge, projects and good practices that companies in the region are developing in this field.