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At ZIUR Fundazioa we offer cybersecurity dissemination services for the industrial sector of Gipuzkoa. We collect the results of the analyzes and studies carried out in these reports that we make available to you. Download them and take firm steps to control cybersecurity in your company.

Back Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 2Q 2023

Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 1Q 2023

"The invasion of Ukraine and conflicts of interest between the US and China have defined the threat landscape so far this year, and presumably will continue to do so"

ZIUR Industrial Cyber Security Center

Cyber Intelligence Report: Industrial Sector 2Q of 2023

This report aims to help organizations in the process of designing and implementing protection measures, to deal with the different risks detected.

The importance of the industry for the socioeconomic development and political stability of any nation continues to be the reason why the industrial sector is such a recurring target for cybercriminals, consolidating the trend that was already taking place both in 2022 and in previous years the attacks and the use of malicious software used to interrupt services or delete files.

It should be noted that, in addition, the invasion of Ukraine continues to generate a complex geopolitical context in which cyberattacks have established themselves as an instrument of war whose use is increasingly recurrent. Espionage, data theft or altering the proper functioning of government entities, critical infrastructures or strategic industrial organizations are the other main causes that define the threat landscape of this 2023.

This analysis aims to address the panorama of cybernetic activity related to the industrial ecosystem, conducting an analysis of the most relevant incidents registered during the first quarter of the year with the aim of identifying the main threats that must be taken into account by the entities. of the sector.

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