Back Workshop on cybersecurity in Safety environments

2023 / 03 / 27
ZIURek, Gipuzkoako industria-enpresei safety inguruneetan zibersegurtasuna lantzen laguntzeko helburuarekin, gai honek industria-prozesuetan duen kritikotasuna medio, lan praktikoko jardunaldi bat aurrera eraman du ITS Security an Ayesa zibersegurtasuneko enpresarekin batera.

Workshop on cybersecurity in Safety environments

ZIUR has held a practical work day together with the cybersecurity company ITS Security an Ayesa, with the aim of helping Gipuzkoan industrial companies to address cybersecurity in safety environments, given its criticality in industrial processes.

The conference, which has been given in a mixed format (face-to-face and online), has been introduced by the ZIUR Technical Director, María Penilla, who has presented the recently installed ZIUR laboratory Safety module. Likewise, Josu Barrientos, Head of Offensive Security at ITS, has shared with the participants the keys related to the cybersecurity of industrial processes (OT), focused on safety.

With the aim of helping companies to secure their Safety environment, during the conference the current risks in ICS (Industrial Control Systems) environments were disclosed, the current security mechanisms, among which segmentation was highlighted of OT/ICS networks based on the Purdue model, the Safety Instrumented System (Safety, SIS and SIF), as well as the levels of danger and countermeasures of an industrial process, and the norms and standards that apply to safety, among others things. Likewise, a realistic threat actor has been simulated live, which carries out an attack using the cases of abuse that can affect the elements and components of Safety in an industry, and the different cases of abuse (DoS) have been analyzed. Wifi and malicious modification of Safety logic).