Back Cyber landscape according to new ZIUR cyber intelligence report

2023 / 10 / 20
ZIURek urrian argitaratu du ziberinteligentziari buruzko bigarren txostena, eta urteko hirugarren hiruhilekoan industria-sektorean erregistratutako mehatxu zibernetikoak biltzen ditu. Txosten horren bidez, ZIURek lurraldeko erakunde industrialei lagundu nahi die.

New ZIUR cyber intelligence report records an uptick in DDoS attacks

ZIUR published its second cyber intelligence report in October, which compiles the cyber threats registered in the industrial sector during the third quarter of the year. With this report, the industrial cybersecurity center of Gipuzkoa seeks to help industrial entities in the territory to adopt protective measures to mitigate and address possible risks, taking into account the latest trends in cyber threats.

The report reflects a panorama of threats similar to that of previous months, in which the activity and strategies that had been registered until now at the local, state and international level have been maintained, except for the type of attacks that had been suffered until now. moment, where there has been an uptick in DDoS attacks.

Likewise, the cybersecurity center carries out a review of the computer security maturity of entities in the industrial sector, taking into account the international tension that is affecting cybersecurity, as well as an analysis of the sectors with the highest risk of suffering successful attacks on through the supply chain.

In relation to the data of the incidents that have occurred during the third quarter of the year, ZIUR summarizes the typologies of threats to take into account, the threat actors with the greatest activity and offers a list of preventive recommendations to apply in companies.