Back New report on digital business identity from ZIUR

2023 / 08 / 31
ZIURek industria arloan dauden enpresentzat identitate digitala zaintzeak duen garrantziaz kontzientziatzea helburu duen industria arloko enpresa-nortasun digitalaren inguruan txostena argitaratu du.

New report on digital business identity from ZIUR

ZIUR has published a report on corporate digital identity in the industrial field, which aims to raise awareness among industrial companies about the importance of taking care of digital identity.

The corporate digital identity comprises the set of information of a company that is visible on the Internet (data, images, records, news, comments, etc.) and that constitutes the description of the organization within the digital world.

Despite being a concept that belongs to the digital field, it is much broader than it seems, since its effects directly affect the physical world and not only affect the person, but also the corresponding institution. For example, many organizations in the industrial sector use their digital identity to promote their products and services.

The Gipuzkoa industrial cybersecurity center includes the associated risks in its report and shares a series of recommendations for the company's senior management. Finally, it recommends sharing a series of recommendations among workers to reduce risks as much as possible.