Back MUBIL and ZIUR will analyze the impact of cybersecurity on smart and sustainable mobility

2023 / 01 / 30
Mugikortasunarekin lotutako industria-jarduerek balio-kate osoari eragiten dioten arau-aldaketei eta -eskakizunei egin behar diete aurre. Egoera horren aurrean, MUBIL eta ZIUR fundazioek enpresa-topaketa bat antolatu dute zibersegurtasunak mugikortasun adimendun eta iraunkorrean duen eragina aztertzeko.

MUBIL and ZIUR will analyze the impact of cybersecurity on smart and sustainable mobility

On March 16, companies linked to the sector will meet in Donostia

Cybersecurity strategies have an increasing weight in all industrial activities related to mobility. This is a sector that is facing changes and regulatory requirements that affect not only vehicle manufacturers, but also the auxiliary industry and, ultimately, the entire value chain. Faced with this situation, the MUBIL and ZIUR foundations organize a business meeting to analyze the impact of cybersecurity on smart and sustainable mobility.

The development of new mobility solutions entails a greater exposure of vehicles to the risk of cyberattacks. The challenge of promoting smart and sustainable mobility means incorporating the cybersecurity perspective in all the processes linked to said activity. In fact, the sectoral regulation that is already being implemented is forcing the companies that make up the entire value chain of the mobility sector to incorporate cybersecurity both in their production processes and in their final products.

The conference designed by MUBIL and ZIUR aims to share with companies that work in the mobility environment the regulatory requirements and good sectoral practices in cybersecurity, bringing closer the experiences of companies that are incorporating cybersecurity as a factor of competitiveness in a sector which has a significant weight in the Basque industrial fabric.

The meeting will have the participation of the company ZeroLynx, one of the main European groups specialized in cybersecurity for companies in the field of mobility. Likewise, the conference will allow sharing the experiences of representatives of technology centers (Ikerlan and Ceit), a company specialized in the evaluation and certification of cybersecurity applied to the automotive/mobility sector (Eurocybcar), and a wide range of companies that make up the sector's value chain, including companies of components and subsystems (BATZ and GKN), machine tool firms (Goizper and Fagor Arrasate) and vehicle manufacturers (CAF).

MUBIL is one of the reference centers created by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council within the framework of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative to respond to the future challenges of the territory in collaboration with other agents, companies, universities and technology centers.

It has the support of the Basque Government and EVE (the basque energy entity), has unique facilities in southern Europe, whose capacities will be expanded in a new headquarters that is under construction, and aspires to be an internationally relevant player in the field of smart and sustainable mobility.