Back ZIUR warns of more effective attack patterns due to quantum computing

2024 / 02 / 22
ZIUR Gipuzkoako Zibersegurtasun Industrialeko Zentroak, Konputazio kuantikoa industria-inguruneetan izeneko txosten berria argitaratu du. Bertan ohartarazi duenez, teknologia hori oraindik hasierako fasean dagoen arren, zibersegurtasunaren arloan erabilera-kasu berriak identifikatu dira, hala nola eraso-patroi eraginkorragoak edo zifratze-algoritmo sendoagoak. 

ZIUR warns of more effective attack patterns due to quantum computing

The Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center launches a new report on 'Quantum Computing in industrial environments' in which it provides a series of recommendations

ZIUR, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center of Gipuzkoa, has published a new report titled 'Quantum Computing in Industrial Environments' in which it warns that, although this technology is still in its initial phase, new use cases have already been identified in the field of cybersecurity such as more effective identification of attack patterns or more robust encryption algorithms.

The computing power is incomparable with any other technology available today, as it can solve in a matter of milliseconds calculations that would require thousands of years for current computers. Therefore, to the multiple benefits that this technology brings, we must also add a great risk in the world of cybersecurity. As an example, the robustness of an encrypted algorithm is based on the difficulty of solving very complex mathematical problems and, precisely, one of the advantages of quantum computing is the resolution of these problems in a more efficient way, putting the algorithms in check. currently developed encryption.

In this sense, ZIUR warns in its report of new risks associated with quantum computing, such as the increase in the effectiveness of denial of service attacks on the systems of industrial organizations or the loss of robustness of traditionally used encryption algorithms. . For this reason, the Gipuzkoa Industrial Cybersecurity Center launches a series of recommendations to help the Basque industry to correctly manage these risks in order to protect itself against the use of these new technologies by cybercriminals.

The main tips include using updated and more robust encryption algorithms; implement mechanisms to prevent brute force and denial of service attacks; or have up-to-date information on the advances in quantum computing.

As this new technology advances, new risks and threats may arise. For this reason, ZIUR reminds that it is important that those responsible for industrial organizations are aware of the advances that are taking place in the field of quantum computing so that they have measures to protect their systems against possible attacks. In this sense, raising awareness and training the different employees of the different companies is key.

These professionals must be aware of the existing risks and apply good practices in their daily work to work safely without compromising the security of the information, as stated in the new ZIUR report.

For more information, download the full report here.