Back CONFERENCE: How to protect yourself against identity theft in companies

2020 / 02 / 21

On 21 February at Gipuzkoa Chamber, we took the first step towards bringing the cyber security problem closer to Gipuzkoa’s industrial sector by organising a conference entitled "How to protect yourself against identity theft in companies." According to the attendees, the conference was a valuable experience that presented a message of trust in the face of the cyber-crimes our companies have to deal with.

Various people offered different perspectives regarding social and identity engineering impersonation issues. This was based on an account developed from an analysis of the impact and problems (Ertzaintza), from the technical and organisational recommendations (ZIUR Fundazioa) to be implemented, to the various key players in the industrial sector, such as energy companies (Iberdrola), cyber security companies (ITS Security), financial companies (Kutxabank) and component manufacturers (IKUSI)

Ultimately, this conference proved to be a milestone in the history of ZIUR Fundazioa and, judging by the final appraisal of the attendees themselves, it was particularly successful because of its content, with a suitable and extremely interesting exhibitions structure and final round table. It was a conference that was certainly a success and something that we will certainly repeat.